ALS Ice Bucket Challange

So I’ve done the Ice Bucket Challenge TWICE now! Let me start by saying this cause is something that is very important to me. It’s close and personal to me by someone I care about dearly and I am so happy that it has gotten all the attention it very well deserves. It is a HORRIBLE disease and I honestly couldn’t imagine a worse way to die. So thank you to everyone who has participated and raised awareness and to all of those who have donated. It really is worth all the attention it’s gotten!

My first time was for work! Our client challenged all of us representatives and offered to donate $20 on behalf of each person who did it. Gosh, I love my job ❤ Well we ended up raising $300! I was the photographer for most of the shots on the video as we agreed to do pictures instead of videotaping each individual, but our building manager took the shot of me and it’s one of the only ones that doesn’t show right as it’s getting dumped! But I must say my facial expression is pretty great. I’ll also add that this was our supervisors last day so that’s why most of us are in everyday attire and I’m wearing a crazy outfit :p That’s what they get when they tell us we can wear whatever we want 😉

My second time (video to be posted later) was out on the farm with my mama video taping and my boyfriend Chase having the pleasure of dumping it on me :p I was nominated for this one by Chase, my best friend Kay, and my good friend Heaven (: I in turn nominated my best friends Alexis and Courtney as well as my mom. And later on I nominated many of Chase’s family and friends to do it too! So I hope you enjoy these and it’s such a great cause to be a part of so I hope everyone participates! (:



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