To Do Lists

I am a huge list maker! My purse includes a financial planner, daily/monthly planner, and many many lists. I can’t stand not being organized! So for today’s to do list, there seems to be about 100 million things that need done! My schedule is crazy. I’m in school from 9am-12pm and work 1:30pm-10pm, plus they’ve been needing overtime at work so I don’t get much time to do much. Earlier today I accomplished two episodes of the new Supernatural season, and laundry. So I’m definitely needing to get my butt in gear :p I’ll share my list with for tonight after work:

Get the second disc of Supernatural.
Take the moving trash out and move it to the curb for tomorrow.
Put laundry away (two loads).
Do dishes (after dinner of course).
Clean litterbox/make sure all animals are fed/watered/brushed/taken out.
Unpack the rest of the boxes/Organize.
Figure out what’s left to buy for the home.
Pay bills online.
Go get groceries.
Figure out financial planning for next check.
Get the rental agreement signed and returned.
Get the fuck up for school.

All small things, but still hard to do all in a short time before sleeping and having to wake up early again the next morning.


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