Hey there! My name is Ali and I’m a 20 year old woman living in small town, Iowa. I grew up on a farm until high school and then spent my high school years in the city life of West Des Moines but came back near my hometown after graduation. I go to school part time and work full time. I’m a customer service representative for a large company and am going to school to be a registered nurse/social worker. I’ve been happily taken for almost two years now and we have many lovely fur-babies together (and a fin-baby). Our lovely babies include our 3 year old, 3 lbs chihuahua Crash, our 6 year old kitty Furry Kitty, our 1 year old kitty Storm, our 6 month old kitty Spartan, and our 10 month old beta fish Crixus. We had a another beta baby Kratos but he passed away on 9/3/14 ):  We hold many animals close to our hearts but these ones are definitely our own ❤ This blog will honestly consist of so many things! Daily life, views, opinions, experiences, hobbies, and just all my thoughts imaginable! I hope you enjoy!


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