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Moving Time

Time to move! Only my 7th time in 2 years….  We’re moving from the farm back into town now. A really nice place for about $640 a month, with basically three bedrooms and all utilities paid. Moving day begins tomorrow! We’re renting a U Haul (for far more than it’s worth!) and hoping to get all things in the new place by night tomorrow.  I have no clue what to do with so much space! The kitchen is huge, so we’re getting a dining room table to help fill it. There’s a nice side pantry off from the kitchen, a living area right off from the stairs, a tiled bedroom and closet next to the living area, a hall closet, a huge master bedroom (carpeted), a small bathroom, and a carpeted room and closet. I think we’ll probably make the carpeted room into our work out room and maybe the tiled room into a work space/office area. I’m really excited about this place but I’m definitely going to be missing the farm. How the sun shines on the corm and grass midday. Hanging the clothes on the clothes line to dry. Being able to let Crash run around freely and spend time with all the many outdoor animals. It’s so beautiful and peaceful out there. Many places have owned my heart but that is always home no matter what. The stars at night are just completely breathtaking… But the good news is that this place is a lot closer to work and school so during my short breaks I’ll actually be able to go home and relax for a bit instead of trying to find something else to do as to not drive 16 miles out of town to go home. Let the packing be finished and the moving and unpacking begin. (: